Josh Farler

Helping Hands Foundation

Financial Assistance For Patients

A nonprofit organization, the Josh Farler Helping Hands Foundation provides financial assistance to patients and their families to help cover the cost of expenses related to their medical care, not otherwise covered by their insurance.

The goal of the foundation is to increase the quality of life for children, adults and families touched by cancer or other medical issues in our community. For those who are undergoing medical issues, the Josh Farler Helping Hands Foundation provides cash assistance for related expenses that arise as a result of medical treatment and care.

Josh Farler, Inspiration Behind The Foundation

Josh Farler Helping Hands Foundation

Joshua Raymond Farler was born on July 25, 1985 in Bakersfield, California. Josh moved to Yerington, Nevada, with his parents and brother, Matt, in 1988. Josh was active in school, playing football and baseball. Josh was diagnosed with cancer at the early age of 19. Through surgery and many rounds of chemo, Josh never stopped fighting.

Josh lost his battle with cancer on December 26, 2005. In September of 2006, the Josh Farler Helping Hands Foundation was established as a commemoration to Josh, of his personality, his courage, and his ability to make friends with all who came in contact with him. During his long battle, Josh always wanted to help others, so this foundation began as a way to keep his wishes alive by continuing to help those in need.

Helping Families In Need

When you have been hospitalized for treatment, the other expenses that come along can be astronomical. From having to travel for hundreds of miles to seek treatment, to staying in rented hotel rooms and eating out at restaurants, these associated costs can add up. Many families aren’t able to work during this time and still have to pay for travel, housing and food out of their own pocket, and that doesn’t even include the medical costs of treatments and prescriptions!

From food and gas gift cards, to covering prescription medication or long hotel stays, the Josh Farler Helping Hands Foundation helps provide financial assistance for everyday needs such as housing assistance, transportation or utility payments. We provide immediate and temporary assistance.

We provide assistance to the patients and families of the Mason Valley and Smith Valley areas of Lyon County, Nevada. We also provide a yearly high school scholarship to a Yerington High School senior.


The Josh Farler Helping Hands Foundation supports Lyon County patients by community-driven donations. Our sustaining members have helped us donate over $400,000 dollars to more than 400 recipients.

We need your help in caring for families and patients who are fighting cancer and other medical issues. Your support can help make their lives just a little bit easier. Your tax free donation will help families with expenses not covered by insurance.

Annual Poker Tournament

Every year, the Josh Farler Helping Hands Foundation sponsors a Texas hold’em Poker Tournament. All donations go towards the foundation. During our biggest fundraiser of the year, participants play the cards to see who comes out on top. With a wide variety of community donated raffle prizes, be sure to come down to our next tournament!