We have all come face to face with some catastrophic event in our lives that just seems to consume all our energy and thought and completely overwhelm us. When one of our loved ones or someone we know faces the challenge of their lives we all offer some kind of support, either in the form of financial aid, prayers, or friendship. But a lot of times, friends and family aren’t enough. A lot of times, the family is too proud to ask for help and tough it out alone.

We are here to help and relieve the stress. We are asking members of our communities to join us and be a positive force in a dire situation. Together we can provide more and better support than a single family. We can pool our resources and genuinely help those who need it most in their time of crisis.

We are asking you to join us as Sustaining Members and make a tax free donation to the Josh Farler Helping Hands Foundation. You will receive occasional statements from us showing how much of your donations we are sending out to families in need in our communities. We will also provide you with applications so that you may also help us in identifying those in need.

Know someone in need of assistance?

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